Amalfi and the Amalfi Coast are one of the most sought after destinations by travelers from all over the world for the beauty of the landscapes and for the many attractions.

The best time to visit Amalfi is spring, when the weather allows you to fully enjoy the excursions and all the outdoor activities. During the summer you prefer the coolness of the sea in one of the many beaches and coves found along the coast.

Even in the early months of autumn you can enjoy an excellent climate both for walks and trekking and for sea days.

How to reach us by car

Napoli – Pompei – Salerno
Uscita Angri (38 km from Naples)
– Valico di Chiunzi

Napoli – Pompei – Salerno
Uscita Vietri sul Mare (42 km from Naples)
– SS 163 (Amalfi Coast)

Roma – Caserta – Salerno
Uscita Pagani (41 km from Naples)
– Valico di Chiunzi

Salerno – Reggio Calabria
Uscita Salerno (441 km from Reggio C.)
– SS 163 (Amalfi Coast)

How to reach us by airplane

NAPLES Airport: Capodichino

Further informations you can contact: customer_service@gesac.it
umero verde 081-7896259

How to reach us by bus

SITA Bus line

Departure from Naples and Salerno

How to reach us by Ferries


Collegamenti Marittimi nel Golfo di Salerno e per le Isole Partenopee

e-mail: alicost@libero.it

AMALFI – tel. 089 873984 – 089 873301

SALERNO – tel. 089234892 – 089 227979

FAX: 089 871483



Telefoni: AMALFI 089 873190 – 089 872950

How to reach us by train



Salerno train station

  • Piazza Vittorio Veneto informations tel. +39 089 25 22 00

Napoli train station

  • Piazza G. Garibaldi information tel. +39 081 55 43 188